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About Us

BAHRI PUBLICATIONS is one of the first publishers to publish books and journals on Language & Literature and the first to publish books and journals on Linguistics in India. It was founded by Dr. U. S. Bahri in 1973 with an aim to venture into, the then unnoticed and neglected field of linguistics in India. Dr. Bahri was himself a struggling scholar at that time, researching extensively in the field of Punjabi linguistics and teaching at Punjabi University, Patiala. Finding no suitable platform to publish his works, he chose to start a publishing house, which would cater to the needs of upcoming linguistic scholars in India. The aim was to provide a platform for the upcoming scholars researching in the area of linguistics, for whom there were not many opportunities waiting. Hence, without caring about the risks involved in this field, its management continued its mission to see that the studies of linguistics find a place not only in India but also in the world market.


The first attempt made in this direction was to publish two books namely, Introductory Course in Spoken Punjabi  (by Dr. U. S. Bahri) & Introductory Course in Spoken Hindi (by Dr. U. S. Bahri & V. R. Jagannathan) in 1973. Number of books in the field of Linguistics, English Language and Literature, Semiotics, Stylistics, Language Teaching, Education and allied subjects followed in the coming years. However the major breakthrough came when he started two journals solely on Language, Literature & Linguistics namely, Language ForumLF (ISSN 0253-9071) and Indian Journal of Applied LinguisticsIJOAL (ISSN 0379-0037), in the year 1975. Since then there was no looking back and in no time BAHRI PUBLICATIONS established an envious reputation by providing a strong platform to scholars in the field of linguistics through these journals and by virtue of it, helped them gain international repute. To name a few scholars who associated with Bahri Publications in the early years of these journals and have now gained international reputation in their respective fields are: Tej. K. Bhatia, Thakur Dass, V. S. Dubey, E. A. Levenston, Maurice Imhoof, Geoffery Mills, Larry Selinker, Keith Johnson, Jo Mcdonough, H. G. Widdowson, V. R. Jagannathan, R. N. Srivastava, Herbert W. Seliger, Henning Wode, Ann Borkin, Omkar N. Kaul, L. David Daiches, B. N. Patnaik, Anvita Abbi, Jasbir Jain, Harish Raizada, Marlene Fisher, Meenakshi Mukherjee, Saros Cowasjee, Uday Narayan Singh, R. K. Agnihotri, D. S. Maini, G. D. Barche, Ravinder Gargesh, Braj B. Kachru, Gerhard Nickel, A. N. Dwivedi, Harjeet Singh Gill, R. K. Singh, Franson Manjali, R. S. Pathak, David Ian Birch, John B. Pride, Gideon Toury, A. L. Khanna, D. Vasanta, Ravi Sheorey and many more.


In order to further expand the discipline, Dr. U. S. Bahri  started three more journals. In 1988, Creative Forum – CF (ISSN 0975-6396), which is a journal of Literary and Critical Writings pertaining to the 20th century in India and elsewhere, came into existence. The other journal was started on Translation Studies in 1989 and was named International Journal of TranslationIJT (ISSN 0970-9819). The third one namely, International Journal of CommunicationIJC (ISSN 0975-640X), was focused on Cognition, Culture and Communication and began in 1991.


Having lost its great visionary in 2003, the company has been flowering well under the aegis of Harpreet and Deepinder now. All the journals are still being edited and managed with the same vision, academic excellence & vigour as they used to be under Dr. U. S. Bahri. The journal family has, since then, been expanded to include 12 international journals. All of them have found a respectable place in the academics of India and abroad, and we at Bahri Publications, feel proud to say that we have had the chance to get associated with almost every prominent scholar in the field of Linguistics, Translation, Literature and Communication through these journals.


We would strive hard to keep the fire burning and keep producing quality journals not only in the field of Humanities but other interesting and commercially viable fields of education


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